Simple LMS

What is Simple LMS?

Simple LMS is a platform designed to create and sell online courses. Thanks to Simple LMS you will create course under your own brand with own website and start selling it, fully automated. No need for any technical skills. Share the knowledge, earn on knowledge - leave the rest to us!

Why Simple LMS?

Check out what you will gain choosing our service

Simplicity of use

Simple LMS platform is clean and easy to use. Using our creator you will build your trainings step by step and setup sales in no time. All you need to do it is to know how to handle computer or smartphone.

Creating the image of an expert

Thanks to Simple LMS all your courses are published on your own website, and you don't even have to buy expensive http domain! When you have your unique website for selling courses you build your image of expert in business.

Data safety

Your data and all of your content are safe with us. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and rigorous procedures, you don’t have to worry about your data confidentiality nor your intellectual property.

Short configuration time

Forget hours spent in front of computer. Simple LMS lets you create and sell courses in a couple of shakes. Now you can offer a unique value to your clients in a uniquely short time. Stop leaving your business for later - make a sell right now.

Easy setup

Customize your site to make it unique. You can edit the design to fit your needs and expectations of your students. Remember that modern and estetic look increase your sales.

Payment processors

Purchase process has to be fast, intuitive and secure. In Simple LMS you can use a variety of pay processors to makt this easy for anyone. Your clients can pay with PayPal, PayU, Dotpay, Tpay, PayNow mBank, Google Pay or Blik, and access to materials will be granted to them right after payment is confirmed.

Fast and responsive

We know that your users watch and browse courses on different devices. Fast and responsive website han enormous influence on your brand and how your materials are recived by users. That's why we care about platform performance. When you publish your courses you can be sure you deliver quality your customers expect.

Statistics of orders and clients

Informations are second money of the world, and proper interpretation of them can increase your revenue. Thanks to advance satatistics module you know what sales best and what attracts people most. It will help to increase your growth and to fit the expectations of your users, so they'll stay with you.

Help if needed

We are always at your service, open for discussions, sugestions and questions you might have. We guarantee that you will get answer for anything you ask, and any request will be taken serious. For us VIP support is standard package.

How Simple LMS works

Four simple steps to sell your courses are enough

Create account

Configure payment

Add course

Promote and sell


Take advantage of our offer by selecting the plan.


Perfect for people who want to test

billed every 30 days billed every 365 days Start for FREE Free account for 14 days
1 paid course
10GB storage


Platform on your own domain

Payment integrations

Demo lessons



Perfect for beginner instructors

billed every 30 days billed every 365 days Start for FREE Free account for 14 days
3 paid courses
30GB storage

Everything in BASIC and more:


Delayed lessons

Integrations with autoresponders

Custom CSS

Most popular


For dynamically developing trainers

billed every 30 days billed every 365 days Start for FREE Free account for 14 days
12 paid courses
120GB storage

Everything in PLUS and more:

Pre-sale courses

Limited access to courses

Custom JavaScript


Perfect for advanced trainers

billed every 30 days billed every 365 days Start for FREE Free account for 14 days
No limit paid courses
1000GB storage

Everything in PRO and more:

Dedicated support

All prices are net prices.

Create your own platform with online courses