About us

Have you ever heard of "The A Team", or "McGyver"? Now imagine 3 McGyvers rolling around in software!
Yes, we are a bunch of people like McGyver, and we are complementing each other for even better result.
One of us is tech magican, the other ux wizzard and the last but not least takes best care about clients while spreading the knowledge.
Meet "The Simple LMS Team"


Our story


After many challenges with publishing materials on Wordpress based solutions, an idea emerges to create dedicated, fast, relable, simple and secure system. Two of us have started working on the concept and needs.


It was a time when we were looking for third musketeer for our team. Finding someone who will engage, has experience and is full of passion and dedication is quite a hard task. Yet we did it! We build a team we have dreamed of, with an idea, vision, concept and a set of skills that will allow us to deliver.


It's the time when "havey machinery came to construction site". We were focusing on creating tool that will be fuctional and easy to use, while it would cover most of needs of our users and beeing clear and simple to use at the same time. We managed to do exactly what we planned with approach that no one did before, it was time to name our child. "Simple LMS" - we decided, as it's tool very simple to use, and LMS as it's short for Learning Managment System. The name that describes it in the best possible way.


We are polishing first version of Simple LMS and show it to the world...

Our Team

Get to know our team

Adrian Simple LMS



Prezes, świetny programista-pasjonat z ogromnym doświadczeniem w międzynarodowych projektach.

Daniel Simple LMS



Dyrektor Operacyjny, webmaster i frontend developer z ogromnym doświadczeniem w branży szkoleń online.

Ernest Simple LMS



Dyrektor Marketingu, certyfikowany specjalista Google Ads, autor kursów online dotyczących reklamy w Internecie.

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