Simple LMS was created in response to the needs of people who want to share knowledge on the Internet. While building the platform for online courses, we focused on functionalities that are necessary from the perspective of the course author and from the perspective of his students. Discover all the features of Simple LMS

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Main features

Intuitive Course Wizard

The Course Wizard will guide you step by step through the entire process of adding courses, sections and lessons. Thanks to the wizard, adding content is easy, fast and intuitive, and you can immediately start selling your knowledge.

Ready to use website

We have at your disposal a ready, modern and transparent website template. It is responsive, which means that it displays correctly on all devices and can be easily adapted to the appearance of your website and marketing materials that you already have.

Payment Systems Integrations

For the convenience of your users, we have integrated Simple LMS with the most popular payment processors: PayPal, PayU, DotPay, Tpay, PayNow mBank, Blik, Google Pay. Each of your students has the option of paying for the course from anywhere in the world.

Autoresponder Integrations

In order to facilitate communication with your clients and increase their involvement, we have integrated Simple LMS with the most popular autoresponders on the market such as: Mailchimp, Getresponse, Freshmail and ActiveCampaign.

Course management

Limit access to course

You can set trainees to access the course for a specific period of time, e.g. 12 months. If after this time your students want to have access to the current content of the course they must purchase it again.

Course Presale

Are you planning another course, but you are not sure if it will sell? Offer it to your existing customers before you start creating it!

Release lessons with delay

You have the option of sharing each lesson with a delay if you want your students to acquire knowledge in stages, or if you are still in the process of creating a course.

Discount coupons

Sell your courses at special promotions and bargain prices using discount coupons assigned to a specific person, group of people, or a specific advertising campaign.

Demo lessons

Nothing will better convince your future customers to buy your course than the opportunity to watch few short lessons. In Simple LMS you can choose which lessons will be available free of charge as samples of your knowledge.


The tests allow you to check the student's knowledge after completing a given training module, thanks to which you are able to assess whether you are transferring knowledge in a understandable way. Of course, there is no obligation to use tests, whether you use them depends only on you.

Lesson attachments

Enrich your courses with additional content that you can add as attachments. Thanks to this, your students will be able, for example, to check step by step whether they can do what they have learned, marking their progress on additional sheets and other materials that you provide.

Users management

Create users (closed registration)

This option can be useful for you if you want to have full control over who you give access to the content of the platform. It is mainly used by companies creating internal trainings for their employees or when you want your platform to be more exclusive.

Progress tracking

Your students can easily track their progress and the results of completed tests. You also have the ability to track the progress of your students or employees and you know exactly what content they have read


You have access to many useful statistics, e.g. regarding orders, purchases, abandoned carts, sales or student involvement

Users management

You can easily add, remove, edit or disable participants of your courses and change their password to your platform.

White Label

On your own domain

For your clients, Simple LMS looks like your own dedicated platform for online courses. Of course, the platform is available under your domain and thanks to this helps to build a strong brand for you.

With yours branding

You can add your own logo. Your unique logotype will appear on the course page and in emails sent directly from the course platform to your customers. Thanks to this, you have a better chance of staying in the minds of your clients.

Editable design

You can change the platform colors, matching them with the colors associated with your business or the appearance of your company website. More advanced users can also edit CSS style sheets to personalize their own exchange rate platform if needed.

Create additional pages

A site promoting your course is not enough. In Simple LMS you can easily create additional pages and link to them from the level of the menu you created. Thanks to this, you gain more options for personalizing your course platform and enriching it with additional content that can help you make a purchasing decision for your potential customers.

Create additional menu

On the website promoting the course, you can easily create additional MENU items, useful when you want to send a potential customer to specific examples, work samples, photo galleries, or other content supporting the sale of your courses.

Contact form

You can enable or disable the contact form on the website promoting your courses. You can decide whether the form is visible to registered users or whether everyone can see it. You will receive notifications of new messages by e-mail or as a system notification in Simple LMS.



Simple LMS can work in English or Polish. You can change the language at any time. If you create courses in Polish and serve Polish-speaking clients, Simple LMS is the best solution for you.

SEO Ready

We know how important it is for your website promoting your courses to be high in Google or DuckDuckGo search results, which is why we have adapted our platform in such a way that the positioning of your courses is optimal and transparent for search engine crawlers.

Responsive (mobile friendly)

Your customers can conveniently view the course content on any device and everything will remain legible to them. Simple LMS templates automatically adapt to the screen resolution, regardless of whether the content is viewed on the phone, tablet or computer.

GDPR ready

Of course, we know how important it is to respect personal data, which is why the Simple LMS system is properly secured and adapted to the requirements of the GDPR.

Ready Terms of use and Privacy

If you sell something online, then you are required to develop legal documents such as Terms of use or the Privacy Policy. Fortunately, at Simple LMS we did it for you. You can use a ready-made formula that will be generated automatically with your data.

Custom contact channels

Do you want to communicate with your potential clients via chat or messenger? It's great, just paste the script and your contact page will become an extensive contact center.

SaaS model

On the cloud

If you are thinking about selling your own courses, but you do not have your own domain or purchased hosting yet, you do not need to own them. You can start selling your courses almost immediately by creating your own subdomain as part of using Simple LMS. It's simple, fast and cheap.

On going support

Our team provides full support and is at your disposal whenever you need it. We provide advice not only in the field of platform operation, but also in the promotion and sale of your courses. What matters to us is that you derive satisfaction from sharing knowledge and earn money thanks to it. Our mission is your success.

No need to update

You no longer have to worry about constant updates of unreliable Wordpress plugins that nobody develops after a while, patching holes in the system or paying for removing viruses from your site. Thanks to Simple LMS you earn even when you are sleeping, because we watch over your online business and constantly update Simple LMS.

Developed by professionals

Unlike solutions based on Wordpress or other CMS systems, Simple LMS is a platform designed from scratch by professionals, especially to meet the needs of people like you who want to share their knowledge with others and make money on it.

Create your own platform with online courses